Ylldove “Valyra” Cartrana (Half-Elf Warlock): Lindsey Haddad

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Art by Noah G. Hirka, @ichor.teeth on Instagram


Ylldove Cartrana, as drawn by player Lindsey Haddad

Physical Description: Edit

Ylldove frequently uses her "disguise self" ability to change her appearance. However her "real" appearance is that of a half-elf with long blonde hair.

History: Edit

Ylldove tends to be very cagey about her own past, largely owing to the fact that she's so frequently pretending to be somebody else. She's been lonely for pretty much her entire life.

She is currently in a pact with the demon Xaoc, on the promise that he will be her friend.

Known Aliases: Edit

Name First Episode Description
Valyra Raylith #19 Default "clean" persona used most often upon first meeting new people.
Doug #25 Laid back guy who works the "drunk net," and frequently promotes his band "Outside the System."
Cheslsea Rage #27 Used when the party needed Valyra to have "died" but still needed Ylldove.
Carol #29 The seductress with a bad perm, but she makes it work.
Alanis #29 The angry shuffler, though unexpectedly sexy.
Gruff #33 A member of the city guard of Bastifiere. He's new.

Notable Quotes: Edit

Episode Quote Context
#20 "It's ok, I'll take care of the lying." Reassuring Yarfik that he won't have to lie for her.
#25 "Where does he sleep?" Attempting to casually attain information on the whereabouts of Cheshire from a local drunk named Riff.
#32 "You know what? The only way out of this is to keep lying." Offering her best idea for how to get out of the web of lies they're currently entangled in.
#38 "It looks like there's eggs on the page. Or mountains, I don't know." Trying to interpret an illustration on Olash's transcription of the Tome of the Deep Wrath.

Exceptional Equipment: Edit

Item Episode Acquired Description
Rod of the Pact Keeper #29 A powerful magical rod stolen from Gulric with some connection to Xaoc.
Cloak of Displacement #48 A cloak which causes an illusory image which gives those attacking her disadvantage. Taken off of an unconscious Pash't.

Spells & Skills: Edit

Skill/Spell Description
Detect Thoughts Probe the minds of those around her.
Dimension Door Short range teleportation.
Disguise Self Caster makes themself, including clothing, armor, weapons, and other belongings, look different until the spell ends.
Dissonant Whispers A dark spell which the target's brain interprets as something that cuts to their very soul. Causes psychic damage and induces fear.
Eldrich Blast A blast of arcane energy.
Invisibility Target becomes invisible for the duration of the spell or until the invisible individual casts a spell or attacks.
Mold Earth The ability to manipulate 5 cubic feet of dirt or stone.
Poison Spray A spray of poisonous liquid is fired at the target.
Tasha's Hideous Laughter A target within range perceives everything as hilariously funny and falls into fits of laugher if this spell affects it.
Vampiric Touch With physical contact, caster can siphon life force from the target to heal their own wounds.

Statistics: Edit

Current level: 9

Total kills: 7

Natural 1 Rolls: 4

Kill Count: Edit

Creature Episodes Encountered Number Killed
Blink Dog #20 1
Cultist #101 1
Gnoll #44 1
Human #85, #34 2
Hyena #43 1
Skeleton #21 1
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