Lyrics and music by Cassian von Daemos


The underwear bandits, they're hiding in the trees

They'd like to spring an ambush,but they're scared someone will see

The underwear bandits, they're not the brightest thieves

They tried to steal to a fortune, but they lost their dignity


(1st Verse)

In the woods outside of Stone's Throw, there's a gang of sunburned thieves

For weapons they have sticks and stones, for clothes they just have leaves

They once were fearsome robbers, but those days are at an end

They lost their clothes when they lost a fight to Von Daemos and his friends


(2nd Verse)

They spied some well dressed travelers, and demanded all their gold

But the leader of that caravan was Cassian the Bold

He warned them of the peril, but the thieves would not be swayed

So he leapt with grace from his noble steed, and he charged into the fray


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