"Long ago a group of wizards and sorcerers were involved in an arcane disaster [called the Great Shatter] that split the land in the north from shore to shore. A continent spanning crevasse now sits as a testament to the destructive power of magical hubris. An organisation sprang up in the wake of this event, The Order of the Raven's Egg. The ORE trains and policies arcane magic users on Uthcore, requiring that those showing abilities go through their academies and take the oaths of control and restraint before being issues a license to practise magic in public. Though not all believe them to be truly benevolent their stated goal is to ensure that no such disaster takes place again." (E01, the Gang's All Here)

Known MembersEdit

Character First Episode Appearance Description
Fizzweeve #6 Potion shop owner in the town of Stone's Throw.
Pash't #47 ORE enforcer in the outpost of Cross Roads.
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