There are eight gods of Threan and here is their story.

First there was a spark, this was the Goddess of Life, Agia and she was alone. Agia grew sad in her loneliness and in her despair became the God of Death, Rzam. Agia and Rzam, in an effort to understand each other gave birth to Me'Kew the God of Knowledge. Me'Kew tested his limits and ingenuity by creating the God of Trickery, Hrewele. Hrewele sought to fool Me'Kew by creating Cin'Pelan'Taat, the God of War. In an attempt to overthrow Agia and Arzon, Cin'Pelan'Taat and Hrewele together birthed Nikal, the Goddess of the Tempest. To protect herself from Nikal, Agia created Ig, the Goddess of Nature. Ig longed for a benevolent companion, not embroiled in the squabbles of her kin and birthed the God of Light, Atim. Atim shown brightly, and lit the way for peoples to find their path into the world.

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