Olash Mershux (Half-Orc Barbarian): Nicole Sisk (Instagram: @nicolesiskers)

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Art by Noah G. Hirka, @ichor.teeth on Instagram


Olash Mershux, as drawn by player Nicole Sisk

Physical Description: Edit

Tall (over seven feet) and muscular (more toned than bulked up), as would be expected with a half-orc. She takes good care of her thick hair, often wearing it up to keep it out of the way. She also keeps her tusks in pristine order, brushing them every night before bed. She doesn't pay much attention to her outfit, preferring to scrounge what will work. She figures that over-doing the dress sense might out her as a former rock star. Her pants are a little too large, and she turned a shirt into little more than a sports bra. But, being an occasional model in the past, she still knows how to make even found fashion look like it belongs on her. The one flourish she allows herself is a mink stole. She wears her tambourine on her belt.

She has tattoo on her shoulder of a circle with a lightning bolt, representing the god of war. That was placed there as a tribal requirement, and is not her favorite. She also has a tattoo in elvish that says "peace." Or at least that's what the person who tattooed it on her said.

If she was a Spice Girl, she'd be Sporty Spice.

History: Edit

In a past life, Olash was the tambourine player of the popular band Ooo. However the life of a famous musician didn't suit her as well as she'd hoped, and she left the band to find another path. At the start of the adventure, Olash is illiterate and wishing to learn to read, but is also too embarrassed to admit this.

Notable Quotes: Edit

Episode Quote Context
#1 "Not my tambourine arm!" Wolf biting her arm
#18 "I'm definitely Shaggy." Determining which party member is which Scooby-Doo character.
#32 "God damn it you guys. I can't read!" Finally admitting to the group that she's illiterate, after pretending to be an avid reader for the entire time she's been with the party.
#35 "I'm coming for your arms!" During a fight with cultists, and embracing her love of dismemberment as a fighting style.
#51 "Because of your pointy ears." Saying people can tell that Ylldove is half-elf.

Exceptional Equipment: Edit

Item Episode Acquired Description
Misery #18 An enchanted great axe that deals additional damage, but also causes part of that damage to reflect back onto the user as necrotic damage.
Ring of Jumping #45 Allows the wearer to leap extremely distances and heights.

Spells & Skills: Edit

Skill/Spell Description
Speak with Animals Exactly what it sounds like. The ritual to cast it looks like the hustle.
Rage Assists in battle.

Statistics: Edit

Current level: 5

Total kills: 25

Critical Fails: 13

Kill Count: Edit

Creature Episodes Number Killed
Cultist #35 2
Flaming Spider #12 2
Gargoyle #31 2
Ghoul #18 1
Gnoll #44 2
Hill Giant #50 2
Human #9, #17, #23, #37 6
Kobold #3 3
Mummy #21 1
Skeleton #21 3
Wolf #1, #50 2

Olash's Animal FriendsEdit

Friend Nature of Beast Episode Encountered
K'rik T'ka Leader of a band of kobolds. Olash swaddled her for the trip back to Stone's Throw, where she was put on trial and ultimately (thanks to the party's actions) sentenced to community service. #3
Beatrice & Clod A pair of oxen, purchased by the party for travel. Olash got to name them. Both are male. #16
Gulric's Horses The resident's of a stable belonging to "The Twerp." Olash speaks with them, bribes them with oats and sugar cubes, and gets them to agree to kick anybody coming back through the stables who isn't in the party. #34

Times CriedEdit

Episode Cause
#5 Called a monster by Terry, and told to leave town.
#19 Aaeowyn leaves the party for a teaching assistant post at Blackbeak Academy.

Olash's Arm Count Edit

Creature No. of Arms Episodes Kept
Cultist 5 #35 No
Gargoyle 4 #31, #36 Yes
Ghoul 1 #18 No
Giant 2 #50 Yes
Gnoll 1 #44 No
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