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Welcome to the Improvised Weapons Wiki

Improvised Weapons is an actual play 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast featuring improvisers and stand-up comedians in the Burlington, VT area. This is its Wiki.

The Cast

Character Name Player Name Race Class
Friendly Neighborhood Dungeon Master Sam Kurnit Human All of them
Cassian von Daemos Fred Naumann Human Bard
Ylldove “Valyra” Cartrana Lindsey Haddad Half-Elf Warlock
Aaeowyn Orimora Aaron Paulsen High Elf Wizard
Olash Mershux Nicole Sisk Half-Orc Barbarian
Yarfik Stormhammer Jon van Luling  Dwarf Cleric

Additional Information/Fun Stuff

Episode Recaps

Critical Fails

Magic Words



Podcast Producers: Puma Knife Productions

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