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Art by Noah G. Hirka, @ichor.teeth on Instagram

The all knowing mastermind behind the madness.

Notable NPCsEdit

Character First Episode Appearance Description
Kesto #1 Human. Sheriff of the town of Stone's Throw.
K'rik T'ka #2 Kobold. Leader of a kobold infestation with the intent of establishing a net. Put on trial and ultimately sentenced to community service.
Mayor Jessail #4 Human. The mayor of Stone's Throw, and the owner of Jellybean (the horse who was punched by a drunken Yarfik just prior to the start of the adventure).
Terry #5 Human. Local, racist, belligerent drunk. Pees himself.
Palid #5 Drow. Recruiter for Dr. Skutch's fight ring
Hugo Fizzweeve #6 Gnome tinkerer, potion shop owner, inventor of the arcane diviner, and ORE member.
Dr. Skutch #7 Human. Egotistical fight ring coordinator, using mind control to make "those who would have bullied me" fight each other in an arena. Killed by Cassian, revived by a mind controlled Yarfik, then killed for good by Olash.
Loristeen Glorygem #7 A skilled dwarven fighter made to fight Yarfik by Dr. Skutch. She kicked Yarfik's butt quite soundly.
Seff-Jeff #15 Human. President of the VDAS fan club. Plans to run for mayor of Stone's Throw (on Cassian's encouragement).
Brother Degron #21 A former priest of Makuu, driven mad by attempting to read the Tome of the Deep Wrath.
Hammish #22 Human. ORE agent who basically mans the front desk at the office in Bastifiere.
Gulric "The Twerp" D'Tuapp #22 Human. Minor crime lord and member of the cult of Elderxoln, masquerading as a philanthropist in the city of Bastifiere.
K'Thok #22 Half-orc enforcer for Gulric. Has a penchant for wolf decimation and a massive crush on Olash.
Oo'tesh #23 Half-orc. Once employed by Gulric, now working to undermine him because he's "just the wrong kind of wrong."
Cheshire #25 Hapless gnome healer who works "outside the system."
Pash't #46 Tiefling ORE enforcer
Blackwing #51 Furbolg with some really killer mushrooms
Science Master Queallar A mad scientist, building abominations out of various body parts for the cult of Elderxoln

Worst Joke NamesEdit

Name Episode Context
Waldo #2 A lost Halfling child (son of Aldo) that the party was tasked with finding, begging the question: Where's Waldo?
Kellog's Frosted Flake #4 A used shield purchased by Cassian which had previously belonged to a man named Kellog. Since Kellog was from a wintery area it was decorated in white and blue with snowflakes on it.
Ruby Rod #9 A rod with prominent ruby features, attained from the fallen Dr. Skutch. Cassian would go on to dub it "Chris Tucker." Thankfully it does not speak.
University of the Phoenix #19 Offers classes via raven, with grades delivered in a burning egg.
The Grainery #22 A seedy tavern.
Cilantro the Bard #47 A one man band, who is something of an acquired taste that some folks think ruins a meal.
Morris Philip #82 A purveyor of smokables.
Dream Works #85 A woodworking shop with a logo of a crescent moon with a boy fishing from it.
Bad Robot #85 A shop known for building faulty automatons.
Dis-Knee #85 A medical facility which only services specific joints.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Fusion Gone Wrong #95 A book found in the cultist library.
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