Inside the flesh golem cave Yarfik, while keeping watch as Cassian rests, hears a familiar voice saying "knock, knock." Initially he assumes he's becoming delirious from lack of sleep. He proceeds to try and teach the game of "dragons and slippy places" to the two flesh golems.

Aaeowyn and Ylldove try to stealthily make their way through the tunnels. This task is made difficult by Aaeowyn's hair continually being caught in hanging roots, prompting the two to begin to bicker over the ideas of cutting or brushing the high elf's hair. Even this noise goes unnoticed by Yarfik. Aaeowyn and Ylldove to soon notice the flesh golem's and their cubby, but neither hear nor spot their companions so they attempt to distract and circumvent the golems (not knowing they're docile nature).

Ylldove uses mage hand to throw a stone, which the golems hear and get up to investigate. Yarfik follows behind and steps out of the cubby, which means that they all FINALLY realize they're in the same space and are reunited. They wake Cassian and all catch each other up on the recent events each has been through, and Yarfik introduces the flesh golems (dubbing them Tim and Other Tim). Aaeowyn casts Leomund's Tiny Hut around the party and golems so that they can all rest up before making any further moves.

After they rest, the rest of the party asks Ylldove why she'd split off from the party previously which she attempts to deflect and dance around the question. But Yarfik quickly realizes that wherever she went it was on Xaoc's orders and calls her on it. The group tries to get her to realize that he'd manipulating her, but she holds to the idea that Xaoc is acting out of love and that this was in the best interest of everybody. While she remains sparse on the details of what she did (saying only that she had to remove a threat), she promises to tell the party about the next time Xaoc contacts her before acting on his requests. She believes the party's sincerity, but still does not doubt Xaoc. Yarfik does not believe Ylldove's promises of transparency.

The party returns to the trap door that dropped Cassian and Yarfik into the tunnels. Using the rope of climbing and assistance from Cassian's "unseen servant" Philip, Yarfik attempts to push open the trap door but is unable to summon the strength to do it. Aaeowyn suggest using dimension door to teleport two people up, who can then activate the door from the other side. They determine that the best choice to send is Ylldove and Yarfik. They dimension door into the lab.

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