In an effort to find a lead on Palid, who he is and where he might have gone, the party inquires around the tavern. When they find out that he came from upstairs rather than from outside, they go up to investigate. In the upstairs area, Aaeowyn notices a strange kind of dust on a couch and secures a sample of it.

Cassian tries to gain entrance to a room, but finding it locked he requests that Olash break it down. She does, kicking the door of its hinges. The noise is clearly heard down in the tavern proper, and the party finds nothing of interest in the room. Returning downstairs, Cassian and Olash split the cost of replacing the door before the party goes to the potion shop they'd previously head about.

Arriving there, they meet Fizzweeve, a gnome potion maker, inventor, and ORE member. They explain the situation of needing to find a way to follow through the outhouse portal, and given the nature of their investigation Fizzweeve agrees to help. After doing some shopping, including Cassian leaving his mandolin as collateral for a potion, they lead Fizzweeve to the outhouse.

En route, Aaeowyn asks the gnome about the dust she found. Fizzweeve remarks that it looks to be limestone and would have to come from quite some distance away, making it strange that it would appear locally in such a quantity. Once the party reaches the outhouse, Fizzweeve produces a device of his own invention: the arcane diviner. Using the device, he is able to determine that the portal is a heavily modified form of a dimension door. To aid the party, Fizzweeve opens the portal and they all go through to the unknown location at the other side.

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