Cassian continues reading the Tome of Deep Thoughts while the party rides along. They are two days before Imperimast.

Albie says goodbye to the party and heads back to his abbey. K'Thok's horse was helping pull his wagon, so K'Thok volunteers to escort him to the abbey and then meet up with the party later. Ylldove telepathically tells Olash to kiss him goodbye, but she only shakes his hand.

The party debates what to do with Gulric now that K'Thok and Albie are gone, considering killing him or disguising him as a wizard wanted by the ORE. Olash rolls a natural 20 and remembers hearing of Tanner the Spry, a wanted sorcerer. Yarfik and Cassian consider using suggestion or command to force Gulric to confess to the ORE. Ylldove is concerned about attracting too much attention from the ORE because she is also an unapproved magic user.

The group hears explosions and Cassian's ORE stone begins vibrating in his bag, indicating that there is an ORE contract available in the area. They pass through a check point looking to contain an outbreak of Tarper's Pox. Their cart is searched and Yarfik uses a Command spell, saying "Silence!" to Gulric so that he cannot speak to the guards.

The party enters Crossroads, a small town clearly built up to account for the needs of travelers. They go to the ORE guild house and use suggestion to make Gulric walk into the house and confess his crimes. Cassian and Yarfik follow Gulric into the ORE guild house. They meet Posht, a red tiefling with mismatched horns, and Liebchen, her pet pseudodragon. Gulric confesses his crimes and Posht looks him over. She thanks the group for bringing him in. Yarfik tries to pet Liebchen and is rebuffed.

Posht tells them of the ORE contract- hunters have been reporting explosions of water in a particular area of the woods, which they believe to be unauthorized magic use. The reward is 400 gold.

Posht meets the rest of the group (Ylldove disguised as Valera) and Ylldove telepathically shares about her dream, which seems to indicate that Posht will be trouble. They tell Posht about the prophesy and she recommends they seek out Francis, a gnome doctor who is familiar with the mountains.

The group evaluates their party money and purchases two regular healing potions, a rope of climbing, and a potion of water breathing, spending 530 gold. Posht invites Valera to come back and speak with her later, when she has time.

The episode ends with the group entering the Inn the Stark Contrast.

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