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They’re on the road again! Heading toward Crossroads they stop for the night and end up with some excitement.

Fun fact: several of us had colds during this recording, see if you can figure out which ones!

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The party continues travelling to the mountains in search of the divine weapon that can combat Elderxoln.

Because Yarfik released Gulric's guards on his last evening watch, it is decided that Olash, Cassian, and Ylldove would cover the watches for this evening. Olash allows K'Thok to sleep in her bedroll to keep him out of the cart. During his watch, Cassian begins reading the Tome of Clear Thought for four hours.

During her watch, Ylldove allows Gulric out of the wagon to stretch his legs and removes his gag. They have a brief conversation in which he questions her goals with the group and tries to convince her that they have a lot in common. She re-gags him and binds his hands, but as she is binding his feet he kicks out, knocking her over and running away. She yells "stop," waking the party except for Cassian. Olash convinces K'Thok to stand guard over the still sleeping members while she and the others recaptured Gulric. After a brief scuffle they secured Gulric and thinking quickly Olash convinced K'Thok that she had caught a thief earlier, who was trying to escape.

They take a look at their new items. Olash has a ring of jumping and spends some time bouncing around camp with it.

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