The party (with the aid of Oo'Tesh) continues to battle in the secret cult dungeon of Gulric. Having taken out a trio of cultists already, there still remains the tall cultist with the eye tentacle on his back (dubbed "Stretch" or "Culty McCulterson"), two gargoyles, and Gulric himself. The fight is complicated by the magic negating effects of the mirror, but the party is undeterred.

The fight is not an easy one, with the party taking significant damage from their foes. However, as they begin to best their foes (with Oo'tesh taking out a gargoyle and Cassian putting Stretch to sleep), Gulric snaps his fingers and vanishes. Suspecting that the Twerp has cast invisibility (as opposed to teleporting), Yarfik grabs the mirror and tries to swing it to where the Twerp was. However in the heat of the moment, he swings it at an angle that causes Cassian's sleep spell to be negated and waking the one remaining cultist. Thankfully Oo'tesh takes him out before he's able to do much else, and Olash takes out the last gargoyle, leaving only its arms behind.

Cassian takes the mirror and spins it around the room, negating Gulric's invisibility and revealing him once more. Ylldove casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter and reduces Gulric to a laughing mess on the floor, where Yarfik then renders him unconscious. The eye vanishes from the mirror after telepathically taunting the group, and the magic cancelling properties of the mirror appear to leave with it. And thus begins the debate of what to do with Gulric.

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