The party returns to the Salted Plum Inn in the town of Stone's Throw, where they meet Sefton, a massive fan of the groups exploits. Due to Cassian mishearing the name as "Jefton," they nickname him "SeffJeff."

While Yarfik takes the world longest pee, the remaining members of the group relay their recent adventures to SeffJeff. They leave him with a mandate to start an official Von Daemos Adventuring Syndicate fan club, which may have to double as a campaign office if Cassian goes through with a mayoral bid. Cassian also treats SeffJeff to his work in progress: Ballad of Horse Puncher.

Once Yarfik returns, from falling into a new fountain as it turns out, the party reads a letter they received from Sir Therafid Lionsmane of the Tempered Steel. The letter indicates that their deeds have been heard of, and it bids the group travel to Bastifiere, where more will be explained. Knowing that Black Beak Academy is on the way, Aaeowyn requests the signing of her coursework. Cassian agrees, while Yarfik and Olash sign as witnesses (Olash leaving a heart and the letters "OM", as her illiteracy means she doesn't know how to fully write out her name).

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