The party, still disguised as cultists, watches on as a captured Sir Therafid is paraded triumphantly through the underground city. Shortly after they view, for the first time, Elderxoln itself, a large round mass of eye-stalks. It taunts Sir Therafid, the party wishes to act but knows they are vastly outnumbered and possibly outclassed. Eventually Elderxoln has the prisoner taken away to "speak more in a private setting."

The party opts to travel to the north, arriving at a building similar to a research station encountered previously by Aaeowyn and Ylldove. They are able to move freely as they begin to realize that there is a general lack of security in Canaloth, as the cult seems to presume its dominance and control of the area. After a debate on the best way to proceed, they enter the research station as prisoners are escorted in.

Inside they find, in the center of an otherwise bare space, is a large (15' tall) blue crystal with manacles near it that would secure a subject to it. The prisoners are brought to a drow who was already there. He oversees the locking of a prisoner into the manacles. Cassian attempts to bluster information out of the cultists by asking for a progress report. When the tactic does not appear to be able to stop the drow from preparing to put the manacled prisoner through "the procedure," Cassian attempts to stab the drow in the throat. The drow is quick enough to shift out of the way, but is still stabbed in the shoulder. Aaeowyn lobs a firebolt at one of the other cultists and a fight begins.

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