Episode Player Attempted Action Result
#1 - The Gang's All Here Olash Cleaving a wolf (attack roll). Great axe stuck in a tree.
#3 - Party Go Down the Hole Olash Investigation Completely distracted by the fact she can't get the corpse of a kobold off of her hand axe.
#5 - Razzle Dazzle 'Em Yarfik Trying to sneak a gold coin into Cassian's pocket (sleight of hand roll). Gold coin completely misses the pocket and is pushed into a tavern patron's plate of mashed potatoes.
#6 - The Owl's Name is RaRa Olash Perception check In a completely insular bliss cloud following a soul warming hug from Gretchen in the tavern, and fails to register pretty much anything else.
#8 - Fight Club is Hard Olash Attacking a dwarf who had pinned Yarfik (attack roll). The target, previously bent over on top of Yarfik, sat up straight as Olash swung her axe downward. The axe hit Yarfik square in the face. Thankfully Olash had only intended to knock out the dwarf, and was swinging with the flat side of her great axe. Thus was Yarfik not decapitated.
#9 - The Power of Suggestion Cassian Throwing the late Dr. Skutch's magic ring to Aaeowyn (dexterity roll). Drops the ring in a pile of illusory rings that had been conjured on the floor to distract the villains.
#12 - Lost Story: Bedeviled Eggs Olash Attacking a large spider on a tree with her axe (attack roll). The swing comes in low and lodges into the tree.
#14 - APR Stands For Always Punch Racists Olash Punching Terry, a racist, in the head (attack roll). Olash charged at Terry, fists leading the way, but en route she slipped in horse poop and landed face first on the cobblestone road.
#17 - Do it for Beatrice! Cassian Attempting to distract a halfling holding a knife to his neck by casting minor illusion of a bug flying at the halfling's face (sleight of hand roll). His move is immediately spotted and the halfling, without losing the dagger on Cassian's throat, grabs and squeezes his fingers so that no magical motions can be made.
#17 - Unfinished Business Yarfik Checking what was coming up on the road (perception roll). Yarfik had fallen asleep while driving the oxen and wagon. Thankfully the road was well wore, and the oxen were sticking to it without his input.
#20 - Beware of Poof Dog Blink Dog Trying to avoid poison spray (saving throw). Opens mouth instinctively (because it was given a treat earlier before combat) and takes the full force of the poison directly into its mouth.
#23 - The Best Laid Plans Olash Throwing a javelin at an enemy during a warehouse fight (attack roll). The javelin hits a stack of uncut lumber, breaking one of the straps and creating a precarious and potentially hazardous situation.
#23 - The Best Laid Plans Olash None fatal axe blow on a human (attack roll). Olash over-telegraphs her attack and her target hooks the axe with his mace and sends it flying off some distance away.
#23 - The Best Laid Plans Ylldove Hitting an enemy with eldrich blast (attack roll). Stumbles over a defeated foe, loses hold of her arcane focus which rolls away several feet.
#26 - The Old Pump and Probe Cassian Attempting toattain details on Gulric D'Toowop's romantic preferences with the lead in "I don't know if you're a gnome man" (persuasion roll). Gulric stonewalls, giving up nothing except "I'm not a gnome-man, I'm a hu-man."
#28 - God Given Dibs Cassian Trying to determine what is wrong with Yarfik (perception roll). When Ylldove correctly deduces that Yarfik attempted to read the Tome of the Deep Wrath, Cassian declares "that's stupid" and gives a list of alternate very wrong theories (including the ghost of Dr. Skutch).
#31 - Arm Stuff Gargoyle Trying to bite Ylldove while flying past (attack roll). The way in which it twists around throws off its flight path, causing it to crash into a building and land prone on the ground.
#31 - Arm Stuff Cassian Communicating telepathically with Ylldove while trying to appear that he's chasing her for the benefit of the cultists he was tasked with escorting (deception roll). Cassian intends to think "run!" at Ylldove through their telepathic connection, not realizing that he says it out loud.
#32 - Do You Like Riddles? Olash Trying to figure out the riddle "Down below, you've trod its welcome mat. But you have yet to cross its threshold" (intelligence roll). She looks down at the ground and stares at the ground before declaring "I don't see anything."
#34 - The Best Laid Plans... Olash Attempting to jump to the eaves of a roof from a perimeter wall (athletics roll). The wall is slick with rain, causing Olash to slip and fall headfirst off the wall onto the ground within the grounds of Gulric's mansion, causing a small racket.
#34 - The Best Laid Plans... Olash Using a rope and grappling hook to rescale the wall she just fell from (athletics roll). Pulls the rope too hard and ends up tearing a chunk out of the top of the wall, causing more racket and now visual evidence of their presence.
#35 - Blasting My Cult Lover Gargoyle Taking to the air to attack the party (attack roll). Misjudges the curvature of the ceiling, clips a curve, loses its wing position, falls to the ground and takes damage from the fall.
#36 - Swing Your Mirror Do-Si-Do Ylldove Blasting Gulric with a shot from her rod (attack roll). The wildly flapping wings of a gargoyle knock the rod from her hand.
#36 - Swing Your Mirror Do-Si-Do Yarfik Swinging the magic negating mirror to where Gulric was before he disappeared. Swings it the wrong way and ends up negating the sleep spell that Cassian had successfully cast on a cultist.
#37- There's an Eye Thing Olash Transcribing the pages from the Tome of the Deep Wrath (dexterity roll). The last page gives her huge trouble and it takes two hours (about a quarter of how long she spent transcribing the entire 12 pages).
#40- Sewer Conspiracy Cassian Attempting to cover his flimsy lie told to Lisen about the upcoming gig of "Doug" (deception roll). With an exaggerated flourish, Cassian knocks into a waitress carrying ales, which spill onto Lisen and rather spoil the reputation of Cassian (and any associated with him) with the character.
#43- Can Hyena's Swim? Hyena Attacking a minor illusion of a wounded deer wading in a river. Promptly drowns in the river.
#45- Of Cats and Bags Cassian Tries to bond with K'Thok and Albie by telling a dirty joke (performance roll). The pair don't seem into being told dirty jokes in the first place, and Cassian completely blows the telling of the joke.
#45- Of Cats and Bags Cassian Tries to spot a place for the party to camp (survival roll). While doing figure eights around the party as they go, his horse Daybreak bucks and throws him.
#47- That Sounds Bad Yarfik Keeping an eye out for trouble, or horses that need punching (perception roll). He's so focused on looking for horses that he fails to note why the town guards appear to taking defensive positions.
#50- Hellbent for Griffons Olash Trying to persuade a Griffon that the party are "safe". (persuasion roll). Having seen Olash and Cassian kill the wolf and giant, the Griffon doesn't buy it.
#52 - Chaotic Chaos Icelin "The Bear" Turin Attacking a cultist. The flail goes wild and hits fellow gnome guardsman Oren Bizzwizzle.
#93- Michael Bay's The Help Yarfik Perception roll in a cave Yarfik is unable to see over the rocky lip of a ledge, due to his height.
#94- 4 Separate Nipples Yarfik Perception roll in a cave Hears Aaeowyn say "knock, knock" from some distance but assumes that he's delirious from sleep deprivation.
#94- 4 Separate Nipples Yarfik Perception roll to notice Aaeowyn. He's become so entranced in the game of "dragons and slippy places" that he's teaching to the flesh golems, that he totally fails to register any of the noise going on around him.
#94- 4 Separate Nipples Cassian Perception roll to wake up from the noise of the party reuniting. Remains asleep, completely wiped from all he's been through.
#95- Shiver or Shiv Her? Cassian Stealth roll to sneak to the armory of a cultist stronghold. Steps on the bottom of the robe he's disguised in and face-plants onto the ground.
#95- Shiver or Shiv Her? Ylldove Deception roll to fool a cultist inquiring what the party is doing. Even though she says nothing and lets Cassian do the talking, she gives off such a harsh "we're lying" vibe that the cultist doesn't believe them.
#95- Shiver or Shiv Her? Cassian Investigation roll to try and find spell components in a cultist lab. Distracted by a buzzing fly.
#95- Shiver or Shiv Her? Aaeowyn Investigation roll to try and find spell components in a cultist lab. Distracted by a buzzing fly, but a different one than Cassian's.
#99- Meanwhile - Beef, Moose, & Choklit Choklit Shooting a sabertooth tiger with a longbow. He fails to account for the wind and ends up shooting one of his allies in the back.
#101- Magical Emergy Ylldove Splitting an eldritch blast to hit a cultist and a drow. The beam aimed at the drow goes wide and hits Cassian.
#101- Magical Emergy Aaeowyn Using scorching ray against cultists. One of the bolts hits a restrained prisoner of said cultists.
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