Character Name: Cassian von Daemos

Player Name: Fred Naumann

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Art by Noah G. Hirka, @ichor.teeth on Instagram

Cassian Portrait

Cassian von Daemos, as drawn by player Fred Naumann

Class Bard
Race Human
Background Urchin
Level 9

Physical Description: Edit

Cassian is somewhat scrawny in build, with dark hair around chin-length and a faint scar running across his nose and the upper right side of his face. He’s friendly and outgoing in a pompous way, fond of luxury, and generally spends money as quickly as he acquires it. He prefers shortcuts over hard work and an ambush over a fair fight, although he does relish any opportunity to play the part of a gallant master swordsman. He is very loyal to the members of VDAS, maybe because he hasn’t had many friends in his life.

History: Edit

Cassian von Daemos has a story or a song for every occasion, many of them about his own adventures and almost all of them a bit grander than the truth. He’ll gladly tell you the story of his own life: how he grew up the son of a wealthy nobleman across the sea, grew bored of his life of leisure, and struck out in search of adventure. Those who are familiar with Cassian’s shameless boasting may suspect he’s embellished his origins somewhat - especially if they stop to wonder how exactly he acquired his skill at picking pockets.

What is known is that Cassian spent several years working for a mercenary outfit called the Nine-lives, where he learned a little about swordsmanship and a lot about fighting dirty. He soon discovered that his insults hit almost as hard as his blows. His wit and imagination caught the attention of a wandering master songsmith, Timmeo the Teller, who taught him the rudiments of the bard’s profession. He also gave Cassian the idea that would become his driving goal in life: to swagger his way into legend, bluffing the universe itself into making him a mythic hero.

To that end, Cassian recruited several other talented wanderers into a group he dubbed the Von Daemos Adventuring Syndicate, VDAS for short, and started meticulously recording his deeds and boasts on cards for easy distribution. The rest is history - or  at least close enough to fool historians.

Skills Listed on Business Card: Edit

Title Episode Added
ORE Certified Starting Title
Stalwart Adventurer Starting Title
Traveling Bard Starting Title
Expert Tunneller #3 - Party Go Down the Hole
Attorney at Law #16 - I'm Community Service
Ghostbuster #18- Unfinished Business
Hero of Prophecy #27 - Choosing The Sex Way
Cultist Mocker #36 - Swing Your Mirror Do-Si-Do
Distractor of Giants #50 - Hellbent For Griffons
Friend to Gryphons #50 - Hellbent For Griffons
Too Cool to Die #88 - Crawling With Rope
Tip of the Spear #100 - Behold Your Enemy

Songs ComposedEdit

Song Episode
Horse Puncher #15
The Underwear Bandits #20
Warning for Bastifiere #42

Romantic Conquests: Edit

Consensual Partner Episode
Randy's sister, resident of Stone's Throw #17
Tristan, resident of Bastifiere #20

Notable Quotes: Edit

Episode Quote Context
Too many to count. "Welcome!" Whenever entering a room.
#26 "Sometimes getting in bed with someone is the easiest way to stab them." Justifying continuing to 'work' for Gulric D'Toowop to Yarfik.
#31 "You know what happened is I think I confused talking with thinking." Trying to explain why he shouted out loud to Ylldove when he had meant to telepathically communicate with her, and might have blown their cover.
#32 "I may not be the smartest bard to ever walk this earth, but I know when I don't know something." Speaking to a riddle spewing figure in a dream.
#33, #42,#94, #95 "I'm Cassian von fucking Daemos!" Bravado or justification for why he's about to do (or has done) something.
#93 "I'm a little stumped here." Contemplating his situation after having a hand removed by Science Master Quaelar.
#97 "Ugh, one of my seventeen best features!" Reacting to having his butt attacked by a disembodied hand.

Exceptional Equipment: Edit

Item Episode Acquired Description
Kellog's Frosted Flake #4 A second hand shield, decorated in a snow motif, previously owned by a man with Kellog.
Decanter of Endless Water #9 A flask which will produce a desired amount of fresh or salt water depending on key commands given. Can be aimed and used like a fire hose. Taken off the body of Dr. Skutch.
Cloak of Elven Kind Grants advantage on stealth.
Agia's Tear And enchanted rapier that glows like the sun when unsheathed. Anyone attuned to this weapon finds it incredibly difficult to lie.
Boots of Levitation #95 Once attuned, they allow the wearer to levitate into the air.

Spells & Skills: Edit

Skill/Spell Description
Bane Debuffs up to three targets, causing them to subtract 1D4 from attack rolls and saving throws.
Bardic Inspiration Inspires though song, granting a bonus die on rolls for whoever it is directed towards.
Cat's Grace Advantage on dexterity rolls for an in-game hour.
Dimension Door Short range teleportation.
Dissonant Whispers A dark spell which the target's brain interprets as something that cuts to their very soul. Causes psychic damage and induces fear.
Eagle's Splendor The spell grants a +4 enhancement bonus to Charisma to whomever it is cast on.
Heroism At the start of every turn of combat, the caster is granted three temporary hit point.
Second Wind Recovers a small amount of hit points in the heat of battle.
Sleep Puts all conscious characters in the radius of the spell to sleep.
Vicious Mockery A burn so sick that it causes damage.

Statistics: Edit

Current level: 9

Total kills: 12 & 1/3

Critical Fails: 11

Kill Count: Edit

Creature Episodes Number Killed
Blink Dog #20 1
Cultist #95 2 & 1/3
Gargoyle #31 1
Hafling #17 1
Human #9 1
Hyena #44 3
Imp #20 1
Skeleton #21 1
Wolf #1 1
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