Aaeowyn Orimora (High Elf Wizard): Aaron Paulsen (Instagram: @apaul14)

Statistics: Edit

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 13

Constitution: 11

Intelligence: 18

Wisdom: 14

Charisma: 6

Physical Description: Edit

Aaeowyn is a high elf wizard, standing at 6’3” tall. She wears crimson robes, perfectly appropriate for a student of the magical arts such as herself. As she studies at Blackbeak Academy, an ORE accredited school, she sports the hand and arm tattoos marking her as a legal magic user. She sports large wire rim glasses, and a large, curly mop of red hair, thick and tangled enough to store objects in, which she does.

History: Edit

Since she was young, Aaeowyn showed much promise in the way of magic, and to everyone’s disdain but her own, not much else.  Once she got a taste for that sweet sweet spell-casting, she devoted her every waking moment to studying the art, history, applications both practical and theoretical, and every other supposable facet of the world of magic.  As her nose was always buried in some musty tome, she’s never really felt the need to hone her physical or social skills, so she hasn’t. There’s nothing more confusing to Aaeowyn than the complicated web of unwritten rules that is social interaction, and she has an uncanny knack for wittily unwittingly insulting those she talks to.

Before Aaeowyn’s autodidactic pursuits ventured into the illegal, she was accepted into the academy, where her knowledge and abilities could grow exponentially. But even at Blackbeak, where novice magicians are expected expand their social horizons, she could reliably be found, though few ever tried, in the dustiest, dimmest section of the library opening books that hadn’t been touched in centuries.

As is required of every young Corvid at Blackbeak before advancing onto the next level of studies, Aaeowyn has no other option but to complete an experiential learning credit.  Relishing the opportunity for real-world magic-use, yet dreading the personal interaction and time away from the library, she accepted what she hoped was the assignment with the shortest time commitment: a position in a fledgling adventuring syndicate led by a young human named Cassian. Hopefully he’s not much of a talker.

Aaeowyn Orimora is played by Aaron Paulsen, an improv comedian based out of Burlington, Vermont. He is a member of the Vermont Comedy Club’s mainstage team, The Unmentionables, who perform there every Thursday.  Follow him on Instagram @apaul14.